The hens are hims

Ah. Chickens. They are such funny birds. If you have a little outdoor space, you really should get some for Christmas. ;) Sorry, I get a little looney late in the day.

Chickens are fun but they are not for the faint of heart. We are certainly enjoying the eggs ( 2 or 3 each day now) but there are certain drawbacks to having chickens. One such drawback is getting a bunch of roosters when you were told they were all hens. It started becoming apparent to us a few weeks ago. Yes, we are new at this and probably should have noticed earlier!

I’m sure you picked out three roos in the group above. Turns out, we have four total. The one polish and three reds. The polish is quite the looker.

His crazy looks are cool in my book, but he’s as crazy in attitude as well. And the loudest. We’ve got a lot of cock-a-doodle-dooing going on. Check out those green tail feathers!

Not sure what we will do. Stay tuned to our chicken saga…

Loving life. Hope you are too!