Shipping Overages

UPDATE: shipping calculation issue is fixed we think! Woot. Who knew a few back slashes, an ampersand or two, and some equal and plus signs added to code can make miracles happen. Oh and don’t forget the semi-colon on the end or it breaks everything. I’m thankful for smart programming people out there who share fixes online for the more artistically inclined people like me. ;-)

Place your orders if you so please. And let me know if you have any troubles. Like Handy Manny, we are here to help. Or is that Bob the builder?

I need sleep.

Whoops. another hickup. Ah the joys of a new website. It came to our attention this morning that some orders are being overcharged on shipping.

We are looking into the hows and whys but most importantly we are making the nonsense STOP and sending refunds for the overages. I know those of you affected must get a puzzled look on your face when shipping is computed correctly in the shopping cart but then goes up once you get to paypal. Or maybe the look you get is more of an irritated one. Like my current state right now.

Ok, happy face. It’s beautiful outside!

We are getting it fixed and are also going through each and every order to double check if we need to send you a small refund for that silly added shipping charge. Sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s never my intention to gouge on shipping!

For anyone wanting to make purchases in the meantime, feel free and then we will refund any overages until the problem is fixed.

Maybe some pretty and fun fall photos will distract you from being irritated with me. :-)

Ah, to be a kid with not a shipping care in the world. ;-)