Shiny New Tile

Boy it was frigid last week. 40 degrees the last couple days has seemed like a heat wave! I’m glad we have had a project to keep us busy and from getting too stir crazy. We are still clearing away the dust and painting the walls, but I already can see that everything is looking just how I had hoped in the kitchen. We are loving the new shiny subway tile backsplash and are kicking ourselves for not doing it 5 years ago.

Installing Subway Tile Backsplash

That floor-tile-on-the-wall situation should have been remedied long ago.

DIY tile backsplash

Jeff did much of the work while I helped cut tiles (and kept the 1 year old out of the way). The backsplash was completed in one day (around errands and breaks even, so not even a day).

Dremel tool cutting tile

The dremel tool is pretty slick for cutting the tile (we practiced the first one indoors but it was dusty so Jeff cut the rest outside).

Install Subway Tile

I drew the cutting line on with a dry erase marker which wiped right off.

Cutting Tile with Dremel

We used a simple tile cutter for the straight cuts and it almost always made a nice clean cut. We barely wasted any tile so this was a pretty inexpensive project. I am hoping to come out around $100-$125 for everything including artwork and curtains.

Cutting Tile

Quick reminder of what it looked like before:


At the end of the day, we had this:

White Subway Tile


Jeff did a perfect job. I don’t think it would look better if a pro had done it. We will choose the grout color after we get the paint done (2 coats in…one more to go and I’ll share photos).  I’m loving the deep navy color we picked!