Remembering Grandpa


Last week, we remembered and celebrated the life of my grandfather in Missouri. It is the reason I have been MIA for a bit.

It is hard to believe it has been over a week since the woolly worm festival. Last Sunday evening we packed it all up, stopped for our 2nd annual “Eat-Mexican-to-decompress-from-woolly-worm-overload”, and then crashed hard. And then early the next morning, I hopped on a plane and headed to Missouri for Grandpa’s funeral. I am thankful that I was able to get there in time.

Grandpa and Grandma had just celebrated their 65th anniversary a few weeks before, and Grandpa had just reached 90 years of age. Amazing. I thought Jeff and I were doing well at having reached 15 years of marriage! Can you imagine 65? They were together way more years than they were apart, and I look forward to the day when Jeff and I can say the same. The cute moment above was captured at their anniversary celebration while they fed each other cake. Grandma, who I had written about in this past post, will miss him and I humbly ask for your prayers for her days, months, and years ahead.

I remember Grandpa as hard-working, faithful, fun-loving, and God-fearing. Grandma and Grandpa started and ended their day in prayer (Luther’s morning and evening prayer), and they truly relied on God and His daily provision. Fine examples of how to live in this world while awaiting eternal life.

I came back to North Carolina with renewed thanksgiving for my roots in Missouri and the strong faith that my Grandparents passed along.

Until we meet again, Grandpa.


Angella Eisman