Project House Paint: Part 5

We are going with purple for the accent color for our house. With the red roof, it should make quite a statement! Here is where we left off last week…

Painting Basement Foundation

We had finished the main house color and trim and now we moved to the basement walls which had never been painted. The basement entry has had quite an unattractive look to say the least! The previous owner had done a mortar skim coat on the basement foundation simulating stones. See it to the left of the french door down under the deck? It’s a little odd but once it is painted I think it will blend everything together nicely. The house is wide and narrow so bringing some focus down on the basement walls will help minimize that long and wide look.


Painting masonry

The french door down there also was in desperate need of sprucing up. Originally, only a sliding “barn” door covered the entry to what was then the previous owner’s machinist workshop. During one of his visits to NC, my Dad put in a salvaged french door that we found at the local Restore. We left the sliding barn door there you can see it to the right of Jeff in the photo above. The kids close it when they shoot baskets. Unfortunately, we never got around to painting the green french door or the unfinished wood around it. I’m a bit chagrined to admit we have lived with this “look” for 5 years. Until today.

To help bring that focus on the basement, we have chose a nice bright lavender purple. Jeff got down to business today and broke out the sprayer:

Purple Exterior Paint

It isn’t too terribly bright. Just a nice muted purple that will bring some attention to the lower half of the house. Disregard all the lawn furniture. It is all sitting there to be out of the way of the painting zone.

Red Roof House

Did I fool you? We aren’t quite that eccentric. The purple is just primer. :) As much as the kids think the lavender purple is cool, it will soon be the same dark taupey gray of the house. We will do anything to save a buckĀ (or $40 in this case) if it still results in a quality job, so when we saw 5 gallons of mistinted primer at Lowe’s in the exact type we were going to buy we went for it. It is a similar value (value is a measurement of a color on a light to dark scale) as the gray primer we would have purchased so I knew it would cover just fine with our final coat.

Hopefully the neighbors don’t start to wonder about us. You better believe that Jeff is working fast to get the real paint on so our house won’t be lavender for more than a few hours! ;)