Project House Paint: Part 4

I’m afraid we are going to get to “Project House Paint: Part 15” before we can truly call this project done! Good news though. We made lots of progress this past week. I give all the credit to Jeff. He has put so much effort into this paint job and I am truly appreciative for how hard he works for us!

Here is where we left off in my last post:

primed house exterior

Almost all primed and ready for the next step.

spraying house paint

We broke out the paint! Initially we were going to take a day or two to caulk the windows, doors, and any other spots that needed it, but we really didn’t want to risk having to remask everything (rain was predicted for the next morning). Thus, while the doors and windows were still nicely covered Jeff sprayed the front and two sides of the house.

Sherwin Williams Folkstone

Notice anything?

We went a shade darker than our original photoshopped plan. In the plan, we were going to do Sherwin Williams Mink on the house and Sherwin Williams Folkstone on the deck. But when we painted a sample of Folkstone on the house we liked it so much that we went with it for the main color. Goes to show that photoshop isn’t perfect but it can get you to the right page in the paint deck book at least!

Seeing the house at the point when the photo above was taken seemed sort of like getting a big haircut. Like a chop all your hair off type of haircut. You look in the mirror and wonder what you have done! It was a big change and I have to admit to wondering if we made a bad choice.

Sherwin Williams Folkstone


But while Jeff finished spraying the next day, I painted the trim pale gray. It really took that somber look away and made the house look sharp I think.


Sherwin Williams Folkstone


Throughout the rest of the week we have seen the house in all different lighting (this photo below was taken this afternoon with nearly full sun). I am glad we went with the deep color. As with any color, we notice that Sherwin Williams Folkstone changes greatly with the light. It is hard to describe as it isn’t a true gray. It is more taupe than gray and even takes on a purple hue in some light. Kind of like how slate tile can have some deep purple hues. It is a very rich neutral.

Sherwin Williams Folkstone

I’m pretty pleased! There is so much left to do though.  “We think we can. We think we can.”

Hope you are enjoying your dog days of summer!


Angie Eisman