Project: House Paint Part 3

Wow! It has almost been a month since we washed the house to prepare for painting. My googling research suggested getting the paint on within two weeks of washing it, but that unfortunately hasn’t been possible. We are doing our best though. Lots of this has been going on:

scrape house paint

Our progress has been somewhat hampered by a busy schedule, a trip, and rain but we got out and scraped whenever we could. Jeff worked on a few damaged areas by chiseling out rotted wood and filling with wood filler. It wasn’t a lot but enough to keep him busy for a good day.

Finally today, with clear schedules and clear skies we made HUGE progress. It was quite momentous.

scrape house paint

He found that the upper 3/4 of the house paint is in pretty good shape but the bottom foot or two needed scraping etc. The photo above is one of the worst areas as it gets a lot of moisture from gutters overflowing. We decided to give all these scraped areas an extra coat of primer. We brushed on some kilz. Using about one gallon for the whole house. The result was quite the look! I’m sure our neighbors were hoping we would not leave it long like this!

prime bare wood

priming house exterior

priming house exterior

prime exterior house

It always has to get worse before it gets better, doesn’t it?

By about 3:00 pm today we had finished priming those areas of bare wood and were ready to give the whole house a coat of primer. Usually we would have rented a sprayer as it is not something we use often, but knowing we’d need one for few days made me do a quick search on a couple weeks ago. Low and behold a Ryobi paint sprayer just happened to be on sale for $99 at Home Depot. We don’t have a Home Depot in town so Jeff picked it up in the next town because he had a schedule trip there already. A rented sprayer would have cost $55 per day so we figure this saved us at least $50.

I quickly taped off windows and Jeff went to town on spraying.

masking house windows

You’ll notice that we got smart and had the primer tinted. We had dinner with good friends who reminded us just in the nick of time that primer can be tinted!

priming house

priming house

Lowe’s couldn’t get it dark gray but at least it is gray. Seeing the lighter gray primer makes me thankful that we didn’t go with that for the paint. I feel pretty confident that we will be happy with our dark gray color choice.

priming house

OK, I’m off to prop up my¬† tired feet!

Tomorrow there is more priming to do and then we move on to caulking. Maybe one day soon we will finally break out the paint!


Angie Eisman