Project: House Paint Part 2

Wow! Thanks for all the orders during last weekend’s flash sale on pillows! Neutral pillows had really built up so it was nice to clear out a large amount from my inventory. I don’t have sales too often but I may do that again in a few months so keep an eye on my facebook business page to get first notice.

Any plans this week for 4th of July? We haven’t though much about it yet as we are still recovering from a back-breaking weekend. We washed the house to prep for painting the exterior. Wow, washing a house is wearying work!

wash house for painting

I won’t go into how-to details as there are perfectly good articles already online. This article about prepping a house for painting was pretty helpful. Most the articles I read stated to go easy with a pressure washer, so though we did rent one we first scrubbed the whole house with bleach water and some dollar-store brushes.

wash exterior of house

Yep. We. Scrubbed. The. Whole. House. Almost. Completely. By. Hand.

wash house exterior

You can imagine how jiggly-armed I was at the end of each day. Not to mention exhausted. Don’t let the photos of the pressure-washer fool you. Our muscles did the hard work and the pressure washer tackled the cob-webs and final rinse.

wash exterior of house

On to the next fantastically tedious step: scraping. It will be real pain but every little step is a step closer to getting rid of the current poo-brown paint color!

exterior house painting prep


Angie Eisman