OldMadeNew long overdue update

Oh, it’s strange to be typing letters into this little box in order to publish a post. This little business, Old Made New, once kept me so busy but is now sitting in silence. Words won’t describe how that makes me feel but I’ll try.

Recycled sweater scarf

There was simply no way to continue working in the middle of moving and having another baby. Early in our marriage, we decided that I would work at home and raise the kids. That is so much easier said than done as you moms out there know. I worked part time as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and clothing designer for the first 15 years of our marriage. Until the older two were in school. That is when this business, Old Made New, began to become full-time and it was wonderful. Working with seamstresses in my town, making beautiful products out of old things, selling at a couple large shows and on-line, all while raising our family in the mountains of NC. I loved every bit of it. Every bit.

Handmade Scarf

But we had to make a big decision regarding my husband’s employment and it required us to move. Moving didn’t make continuing my work impossible though it did create quite a few challenges. The impossibility came when I realized I was pregnant with our sweet Naomi. Somehow, I had been able to work with 3 kids but I knew my limits. At 40 years old, I would have a newborn, a toddler, a middle schooler, and a teenager all at the same time. And the weight of moving (we ended up moving twice! once while pregnant and again when Naomi was 6 weeks old), being sick with pregnancy, and starting over in a new city made me feel as old as dirt. ha! The thought of starting everything over again was too much. Just couldn’t continue Old Made New. And that realization was hard.

Army green scarf

It’s still a struggle, honestly. I miss working but I love my children and my top priority is to raise them well. I relate well to the saying, “Women can have it all, but not all at the same time”. The ability to work again hasn’t presented itself. Each time I try to drum something up by creating something, it fizzles pretty quickly whether by lack of time or lack of passion. But I’ll keep attempting it and maybe one of these times God will grow my time and passion and allow it to take substance.

recycled cashmere scarf

As for now, my oldest and I are trying to raise funds for her passion (soccer). With the few supplies leftover from my business I sewed roses into a new scarf design. And we have some of the cashmere ruffle scarves available as well. Technology changes so fast, that after two years this website needs enough work on the back end that I can’t sell on it just yet. Instead, I’ve reopened my old Etsy store. 

And who knows, maybe opening my Old Made New Etsy shop is a kick start to something more…