No harm, No fowl

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I much enjoyed the turkey, how about you? On the topic of fowl (how is that for a lead-in? Hardy har) we had a momentous occasion last night regarding our chickens! The first egg! Jeff was doing his nightly chicken routine when he found a perfect brown egg. That didn’t take for ever or anything (sarcasm). I’d show you a photo but, oops, we had a little mishap. I won’t name names as the certain youngster feels pretty badly, but thankfully, the egg was still useable. The kids ate a fresher-than-fresh egg sandwich for breakfast.

Did you know that the color of a hen’s earlobes are the same as the color of the eggs she lays? Interesting tidbit.

This egg was light brown. We aren’t sure if it was one of the Rhode Island Reds or Big Mama the Wyandotte. I’m thinking Big Mama but Cora, our resident chicken expert, thinks one of the reds. I still think Big Mama. Since I’m a know-it-all.

But no mattter, it was deemed “yummy”. Here is to many many many more!


P.S. On a business note, I have more of the rosette bags (with large rosette). Just photographed them and will list on the website this evening in case you want to stalk certain colors.