frequently asked questions

Are you accepting wholesale orders?
Unfortunately, I am not taking on wholesale orders at this time.

Do you have other colors available not shown on the website?
No, everything is listed as soon as a new batch has been created. Due to the upcycled nature of our product, our colors are constantly changing. Certain colors sell out fast so I recommend purchasing quickly if you see something you like.

Are the colors in the photos true to life?
Good question! Through my camera’s white balance, my computer monitor’s calibration, and my photo editing I work hard on each and every item photo so that it is as close as I can get it to the actual color. Your monitor also plays a part. If your monitor is not calibrated it is hard to say if you are seeing the color correctly. If you would like a sample swatch sent for a particular pillow, send me a note using the form below.

When do you update your website with new products?
Whenever there are more products ready. There is no set schedule though you can be “in-the-know” by following my Facebook page and the product section of my blog. I use those places to convey current product information such as when new products are listed, colors to expect next, sneak peeks of new designs. Sometimes even a coupon or giveaway, so you might like to follow my Facebook page.

Will you explain your pillow sizing?
The pillows fall into three sizes. Smalls are 12-14″ in diameter. Mediums are 15-16″. Larges are 17″ and up. Each pillow description should have the approx size listed in the description.

I see a pillow that I like but I want it in a different size. Can you do that for me?
It is not possible. Each sweater makes one pillow, so that particular sweater was already used up in the pillow you saw on the site.

What is your return policy?
We do not take returns unless we have made a mistake in the listing of the product and you receive a misrepresented item. Please contact us if something like this happens! I try hard but am bound to make a mistake. We are happy to send swatches if you are concerned about color (though during our busy season of October through December it is difficult for us to hold products while you view swatches.)

Do you take custom orders?
I enjoy taking custom orders but with three children (this is a home-based business) I do limit them. Send me a note through the form below. I’d love to hear your ideas and will see if I am able to fulfill them.

May I feature your items on my website or blog?
Certainly! Please see the press release for information and image release page for photography use.

Do you take personal checks or money orders?
We don’t take personal checks but we are happy to take money orders. Just send a note after you’ve purchased your items requesting the address to send a money order.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, North Carolina residents are charged sales tax.

Are the pillows and scarfs really handmade?
Yes! My first year, I made each and every scarf and pillow myself; nearly 400 within 3 months! It was crazy busy so now I have the help of another woman in my area. Each item is handmade at one of our homes.

Are all your supplies recycled and sustainable?
All the outer parts are recycled. The poly stuffing (in pillows), jute trim (on bags and Christmas stockings), thread,  and labels are new.

What does the back of the pillows look like?
The back is typically the same color as the front though it has no ruffles. Sometimes, if the original sweater was a cardigan we keep the button placket and use it for the back. We love that look! Because we sew it up the button placket is purely decoration and no longer functional.

Are the scarfs, bags, and pillows washable?
Like any boutique item, we recommend spot cleaning or professional cleaning for the longest lasting product.
That said, our first process is to wash our materials in the hottest of water. Therefore, soap and water will not hurt either the scarfs or pillows if you are careful with the process.

IF you feel your scarf needs more than a spot cleaning. Fill an oversized container (such as a sink for a scarflette or a bathtub for a long scarf) with warm water and add a bit of liquid laundry detergent and swish around to stir it in. Gently place your scarf into the water and let soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not agitate. When lifting the scarf out, be very careful that you support the whole length and do not let it stretch (bunch up if you have to in order to not let it stretch. Then lay flat until dry on a towel.

shipping info

How soon do orders ship?
All items you see on the site are premade and ready to ship. Orders generally ship within 2 business days using USPS for small to medium packages and UPS for large packages.

How is your shipping calculated?
The current shipping calculator charges a base rate of $5 on all orders and then adds a fee per item. This fee ranges from $0-$5 and is based on the item’s size and/or weight.

Will you ship straight to a gift recipient?
Sure! I’ll include a handwritten note card rather than the normal packing slip. When checking out, type your message in the “Note to recipient” box.

international orders

Do you ship internationally? 
We do! The shipping calculator does not always calculate correctly for international orders (there are so many variables). If the calculated shipping seems off, use the form on the contact us page to send a note. Include a list of the items you would like to order and I will get a quote for shipping.

Buyers are responsible for any duties in the buyer’s country. Orders will ship within 2 business days. Customs delays are common and may delay the arrival of orders.

contact me

Other questions? I am happy to answer them! Please contact me using the form below and I will reply to your message via email.