Christmas Card Photo Fail

Happy Advent!

We woke to a perfectly photographable day on Saturday. It seemed an ideal day to take a family photo (to use for our Christmas card) while we picked out the perfect Christmas tree. The first inch of snow for the year had fallen. That snow, added to the bright blue of the sky and rich green of the trees, made a perfect backdrop for our family photo wouldn’t you say?


You’ll just have to imagine a perfectly posed little family in the photo above because imagining is all that happened.

Between the wrangling of the toddler who only wanted to taste the snow, big brother getting all Paul Bunyan on every tree in the field, and me waxing frustration on big sis because she found something wrong with every tree we looked at, we quickly nixed the idea of trying to take a family photo.

By the end I think I even said “just pick a tree, any tree”. Oh boy. I needed a nap or a time-out. Please tell me that I’m not the only parent that fails Parenting 101 again and again? Thankfully after that, we got the tree home with lots of laughs and only a few tears.


Thankfully, our tree is perfect despite ourselves.

I hope your advent celebrations are just as memorable as ours. ;) Any tree chopping stories to share?